City Leaders Lead the Team to Investigate Investment Environment

Recently, the vice chairman of the CPPCC and the chairman of the Municipal Committee of Jiangmen, Ren Anliang, led a team to conduct a survey in Shadui Town of Xinhui, Hengqin Town of Zhuhai and the "Overseas Chinese Dream Garden" entrepreneurship and innovation agglomeration area of Jiangmen High-tech Zone.

In Shadui Town, the research team visited Jiangmen Yinxing Shipyard, some idle factories and available commercial plots, and held a discussion and exchange in Guangdong Fuhua Casting and Forging Co., Ltd. In the Hengqin New Area of Zhuhai, the research team visited the Hengqin Guangdong-Australia Cooperation Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park and Hengqin New Area Planning Museum. Ren Anliang said that the main purpose of this survey is to "go out" and investigate the investment environment in the surrounding areas; "find opportunities" to give entrepreneurs of the Jiangmen People's Revolution multiple choices, multiple investment directions. It is hoped that the entrepreneurs of the People's Revolution will see, think, understand more and take the initiative to contribute to the further economic and social development of Jiangmen.

In the "Overseas Chinese Dream Garden" entrepreneurship and innovation agglomeration area, Ren Anliang said that building Jiangmen "Overseas Chinese Dream Garden" into a pioneering innovation agglomeration area for overseas Chinese in China requires not only further innovation and improvement of service functions, extension of development space, deep excavation of resources and rich connotations, but also building a new brand of overseas Chinese business activities with local characteristics and influence in the light of Jiangmen's reality. The Jiangmen Municipal Committee of the People's Republic of China will further give full play to the advantages of participating in political parties, perform its functions of participating in politics and deliberation, and offer "good ideas" and "good practices" for speeding up the construction of "Overseas Chinese Dream Garden" in Jiangmen.

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