509 Industrial Workers Go to University

The “Dream Planof Jiangmen city 2019 class Jiangmen Vocational and Technical College officially opened recently, and 120 new-generation industrial workers from all walks of life in the city attended the opening ceremony. The 120 “Dream Plan " freshmen are registered, reviewed, confirmed on-site, participated in the National Adult College Entrance Examination, and officially enrolled after admission.

The “Dream Plan” of Jiangmen City is called “the development plan for the new generation of industrial workers in Jiangmen City”. It is a public welfare project jointly implemented by the Communist Youth League Committee and the municipal finance, industry and commerce association, etc., and focuses on supporting the backbone of the new generation of industrial workers who work in Jiangmen to participate in higher education, mainly in the form of online distance education, to help them better improve themselves and grow into talents. This charity project has been listed by the municipal government as one of the top ten livelihoods of Jiangmen City for many years. Since the launch of the “Dream Plan” project in Jiangmen City in 2010, it has been implemented for 9 years. At present, nearly 4,291 new-generation industrial workers have been funded to realize their "university dream".

This year, the communist youth league committee, in cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jiangmen Open University, Jiangmen Vocational and Technical College, funded a total of 509 workers in the new generation of industrial workers in Jiangmen to participate in the degree continuing education of junior college and undergraduate study. After the provincial and municipal “Dream Plan Office” communicated with the cooperative institutions, the “Dream Plan” tuition standard is 5,000 yuan per person. Among them, the provincial financial subsidy is 2,000 yuan per person, the municipal finance and social fundraising funds are coordinated to solve 2,000 yuan per person, and the admitted students are required to pay 1,000 yuan.

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