More than 100 enterprises in our city recruit all kinds of talents

In order to meet the needs of various enterprises, 38 enterprises have been organized to recruit general workers in Hezhou, Laibin, Ganzhou, Yichun and other labor-rich areas. Up to now, our enterprises have reached employment intention with nearly 300 local workers.

The Spring Festival has passed for some time, but there is still a great demand for employment in Jiangmen enterprises. In the second quarter, our city will continue to organize all kinds of enterprises to recruit technical and skilled talents from Wuhan University, Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Guangdong Ocean University, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Guilin University of Science and Technology, Guangxi University for Nationalities and other six universities, mainly recruiting science and engineering majors, such as mechanical design, electrical engineering, material application, vehicle structure, numerical control stamping, software and hardware design as well as liberal arts majors, such as financial accounting, tutoring teachers, human resources and other.

Since March 1, the recruitment notice has been issued, and the registration of enterprises has been booming. The number of participants in the six recruitment routes has been fully filled before the deadline for registration. Originally, about 90 enterprises were planned to recruit abroad. Now, 107 enterprises have registered. A total of 178 recruitment posts have been issued, and 853 talents are planned to be recruited.

In the next stage, the Municipal People's Society Department will organize relevant registered enterprises to attend campus recruitment, sign campus cooperation agreements with recruiting universities, carry out project cooperation, graduate internship and other activities in accordance with the work plan, and organize the docking of municipal enterprises with foreign universities to discuss the specific details of school-enterprise cooperation between the two sides in the next step.

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