Tennis featured school

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of national youth campus tennis featured schools in 2018, and nine schools including Zicha Primary School in our city were selected. It is reported that this is the first batch of national youth tennis featured schools identified and named by the Ministry of Education for the first time, a total of 285 primary and secondary schools ranked , including 55 in Guangdong province.

The 9 schools selected in our city are Zicha Primary School, Fan Luogang Primary School, Wuyi Country Garden Chinese and English School, Jianghua Primary School, Jiangmen Duruan Town Xinzhi School, Experimental Primary School in Pengjiang District Tangxia Town, Huangwan Primary School in Pengjiang District Hetang Town, Xinhui Shangya School, and Country Garden School in Heshan city. In the relevant notice, the Ministry of Education stated that, across the country, campus tennis is in the early stage of promotion, and there are serious problems in the hardware and teachers of school tennis courts. It encourages social forces and resources to support the development of school sports and provides public welfare funds and in-kind support for tennis featured school building in terms of new construction and reconstruction of venues and training for teachers.

According to reports, the city will carry out sports competitions every year, and tennis competitions have always been one of them. Every year, there are more than 30 youth teams with about 300 students participating in the competition. Many schools, such as Zicha Primary School and Fan Luogang Primary School, have tennis clubs. They will conduct relevant training on the daily life and will also invite professional coaches to guide them. In addition to the 9 schools selected, the tennis sports of Jingxian School, Jiangmen No.1 Vocational High School and Waihai Central Primary school are also very good.

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