American enterprises come to Jiangmen to investigate the investment environment

A few days ago, US WATER AND RENEWABLE ENERGY, INC (hereinafter referred to as "US WATER") came to Jiangmen to investigate the investment environment, and visited the China-US (Jiangmen) Cooperation Park and China- Europe (Jiangmen) small and medium enterprises (SME) International Cooperation Zone Service Center and other places, and held discussions with representatives from municipalities, finance, enterprises and other fields to understand the investment environment of Jiangmen and discuss the possibility of cooperation.

US WATER is mainly engaged in KPP buoyancy free energy power generation related business. This technology is powered by compressed air and can achieve self-sustained power generation. The utilization rate of power generation is higher than that of photovoltaics. The power generation process uses renewable energy, which is safe and environmentally friendly. At the symposium, the delegation exchanged views with representatives of Jiangmen on the geographical location, industrial layout, ecological construction, urban development, business environment, foreign investment policy, enterprise settlement, financial policy, and talent recruitment.

The delegation fully affirmed the achievements of the city in economic and social development, ecological construction, and people's livelihood. Dr. JUEN KIM, CEO of US WATER, highly praised Jiangmen's business investment environment and geographical advantages, and said that he hopes that the project can be settled in Jiangmen and further cooperation with Jiangmen.

The person in charge of the relevant departments of the city said that Jiangmen is one of the core areas for the future development of the Greater Bay Area, with abundant land resources. We welcome green and environment-friendly enterprises to invest and develop in the city to share the economic dividend of the Bay Area. We hope to continue to deepen cooperation with each other in the near future and make joint efforts for the successful settlement of the project in Jiangmen.

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