Opening of the Fifth Session of the 15th Municipal People's Congress

The Fifth Session of the Fifteenth National People's Congress of Jiangmen City opened on January 16th, and preparations for the conference were in place. On the afternoon of January 15th, the fifth session of the 15th National People's Congress held a preparatory meeting. Lin Yingwu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Zhong Jun, Vice-Director Wu Guojie, Guo Jianhong, Zhen Renwang and Gu Dahua took places at the rostrum. 348 representatives of the Municipal People's Congress attended the meeting. Zhong Jun presided over the meeting.

The meeting adopted the agenda of the fifth session of the 15th National People's Congress of Jiangmen City, the list of the Presidium and Secretary-General of the Congress, and the list of members of the Bill Review Committee. According to the agenda arrangement of the congress, besides hearing and reviewing the work report of  the municipal government, examining and approving the plan and budget report for 2019, hearing and reviewing the work report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Intermediate People's Court and the Municipal People's Procuratorate, the fifteenth session of the Municipal People's Congress Social Construction Committee will be set up, and having the balance of vote on Ten People’s Livelihood Projects. Among them, it is a brand-new job to vote on the people's livelihood of the government on behalf of the balance of votes, which is the first step in the work of the provincial people's congresses.

The meeting pointed out that it is of great significance to hold this conference well, in the respect of implementing the deployment of the "1+1+9" work of the Provincial Party Committee and the spirit of Secretary Li Xi's speech in Jiangmen Research, of promoting the implementation of the "1+1+5" work of the Municipal Party Committee, of mobilizing and uniting the people of the whole city to make clear their goals, of strengthening their confidence in development, of facing difficulties and working together to do a good job this year, and of promoting the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, which achieving fruitful results.

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