City Leaders Supervise Urban Quality Improvement

On January 11, Lin Feiming, deputy mayor and the director of the Municipal Urban Quality Improvement Action Leading Group Office, led the team to supervise the city's quality improvement work, and demanded to speed up the progress to greet the Spring Festival with a new look of the city.

In the morning, the project supervision team went to the west of Baisha Avenue, Longwan Road, Guifeng Road, Gangzhou Avenue East, Jiangnan Road and other places to conduct project supervision. They learned about the progress of Yuanpangfang Park, "beautiful corner" of Longwan Road and other projects such as Shengli road and Jianshe road, and the progress of greening improvement in the north of old Longwan station, the progress of the lighting project in the Gangzhou Avenue East and central garden areas, the progress of the central green corridor project. Subsequently, a meeting was held to announce the interim measures of quality project award and the interim measures of electricity subsidy for landscape lighting facilities, and other related matters. All districts reported the ending of the project of “Renewed” before the Spring Festival and the arrangement of the "four modernizations" before the festival. The reporter learned that many construction projects in the city entered the end of the project, in which the construction section of Shengli Road and Jianshe Road was basically completed, and the second port road entered the asphalt construction stage this week.

Lin Feiming pointed out that he hopes that more products will be produced in the future and the public will be satisfied. He requested that the next step should be to complete the large-scale construction before January 20th, and then launch a new round of "four modernizations" to meet the Spring Festival. To focus on the portal node, ensure the image before the festival; to do a good job in the overall control of urban lighting, ensure that the city lights are all illuminated during the festival; and to do a good job of propaganda and create a good atmosphere.

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