Transportation Projects Investment

Recently, the reporter learned from relevant departments that from January to November 2018, Jiangmen's transportation projects invested 16.18 billion yuan, including the completion of the rail transit network investment 4.04 billion yuan, the completion of the high speed network investment 7.09 billion yuan, grade road network, ports and waterways, municipal roads and other complete investment 5.04 billion yuan.

Centering on the connection of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Shenzhen-China Passage, and the Pearl River Delta Shinkansen Airport, our city has continuously optimized the transportation planning and construction, and promoted the interconnection of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in an all-round way. Among them, the Jiangzhan Railway has been completed and opened to traffic; the main project and supporting project construction of Jiangmen Station of Zhuxi Comprehensive Transportation Hub has been promoted in an orderly manner.

The construction of the main and auxiliary roads from Wuyi road to Sanjiang section and from Xinhui Huicheng to Yamen Section (including Yinlu Avenue) of Jiangmen Avenue, and the three sections of Sanjiang to Nanmen Bridge are progressing smoothly. A number of highway projects, including Zhongkai Expressway, Gaoen Expressway, kaiping to Yangchun section of Zhongyang Expressway, and Sanbao to Shuikou section of Shenhai Expressway, are being built as planned.

A number of national and provincial road construction projects, such as the National Highway 240 Taishan to Kaiping Expressway and Longshan Extension Project, National Highway 325 Line Reconstruction Project, Provincial Road 273 High Copper Line Reconstruction Project, and Provincial Highway 274 Ren-Guang Line Reconstruction Project, have been steadily advanced.

Gantang Road (Jiangbei Road-Fazhan Avenue) was officially started construction in January 2018. The construction of Yingbin West Road has been basically completed. A number of municipal roads, such as Nanshan Road, Jiangqiao Road, Baishi Avenue East Section and Yixing Road, are under construction in an orderly way.

The preliminary work of Yinzhouhu Expressway, Jianghe Expressway expansion, Huangmaohai Passage, Nanhai-Xinhui Expressway, Binhai Tourism Highway of Jiangmen Section, Guanghai Bay Deepwater Port and Yamen Seaway Phase II Project was accelerated; The Huangmaohai Bridge, Douen Expressway and Nanhai-Xinhui Expressway were successfully included in the provincial expressway network planning.

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