College Students' Pioneering Base in City

Recently, our city organized College Students' Pioneering Base . More than 20 representatives in 16 enterprises held a private enterprise Symposium called "go ahead hand in hand and seek common development". Representatives of incubating enterprises were briefed on policies and measures to support the development of private enterprises, such as "social security fee reduction, employment support, talent induction", concretely including the implementation of unemployment insurance subsidy policy, adjustment of relevant social insurance premium rate, subsidy policies such as employment, entrepreneurship drive, rent, and "1+15" talent policy.

Subsequently, the meeting held interactive exchanges, and representatives of participating enterprises made positive statements. Some expressed full affirmation and approval for the advisory services provided by the Base, the training seminars organized by the Base, and the training activities of safety production skills. Others made suggestions on the service content of the Base, recruitment of talents, incentives and support policies.

It is understood that at present, Jiangmen University Student Business Base provides more than 10 incubation services for incubating enterprises, including road show training, business guidance, tutor diagnosis, investment and financing, resource exchange, industry and commerce finance and taxation, talent recruitment, subsidy application and information push. Since its establishment, 185 incubation teams have been stationed and 1708 people have been employed. Base assists incubators to apply for 76 patents, including 4 invention patents. A total of 4.5 million yuan has been applied for various kinds of funds, awards and subsidies, and loans.

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