Citizen Sports Meeting

On December 15th, the Jiangmen citizen sports meeting will be held in Jiangmen Sports Center in 2018. It is learned that a total of 18 competitions will be set up in this sports event, and it is expected that 10,000 people will participate.

It is understood that this citizen sports meeting will be held on December 15-16. In the competition, a number of sports projects with a foundation of national sports were set up, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, roller skating, board game (go, chess), traditional martial arts, taekwondo, square dance, sports dance, health qigong, shadowboxing, half marathon sports ,e-sports and youth sunshine sports activities and so on. Among them, the half marathon will be held in Xinhui Daao on December 30, and the nine-volley volleyball and gas volleyball tournament will be held in Taishan.

As the first citizen sports meeting of Jiangmen, this citizen sports meeting adheres to the concept of “Sports Benefiting the People, Healthy Jiangmen”, and will highlight the purpose of “Participation of the Whole People, Sports of the Whole People, and Health of the Whole People".. All the citizens who live, work and study in Jiangmen city and love sports can register according to their personal interests and hobbies. It is expected that the number of citizens participating in this citizen sports meeting will reach 10,000, which will set off a wave of Jiangmen sports.

In addition, this citizen sports meeting also pays great attention to highlighting the characteristics of Overseas Chinese sports. The sports culture of Jiangmen has a long history, and the Overseas Chinese martial arts, dragon boat and volleyball have far-reaching impact. In order to strengthen the inheritance and development of our city's traditional sports culture, this citizen sports meeting has set up the traditional martial arts and Taishan nine-person volleyball and other events focusing on CAI LiFu boxing, Wing Chun boxing, Tai Xu boxing and Zhou Jia boxing, and actively built a platform to display the traditional sports culture of overseas Chinese hometown.

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