Beautiful Village Selection

The first "Top Ten Beautiful Villages in Guangdong" and "Guangdong Beautiful Countryside Boutique Routes" series of activities will be voted online from mid-December. Yesterday (December 4th), the reporter learned from the Municipal Agriculture Bureau that 10 villages of Jiangmen participated in the selection of "Top Ten Beautiful Villages in Guangdong", and three boutique routes participated in the selection of "Guangdong Beautiful Country Boutique Routes", which demonstrated the remarkable achievements of the city in solidly promoting the rural revitalization strategy, high standards and high quality, promoting beautiful rural construction, and promoting regional coordinated development.

The reporter learned that the activity will eventually determine 10 beautiful rural villages with Lingnan characteristics and 20 beautiful rural boutique routes in Guangdong. Applicants for the "Ten Beautiful Villages in Guangdong" competition are required to make achievements in the five standards of"Eco-Economic Standards for Livable Industry","Planning and Optimizing Supporting Standards","Popular Cultural Heritage Standards","Green Agriculture Development Standards" and"Civilized and Harmonious Township Standards". The "Guangdong Beautiful Village Boutique Line" requires the applicants to play an exemplary role in four aspects: "Line Basic Conditions and Theme Characteristics Standards", "Comprehensive Performance Standards for Rural Construction along the Line", "Tour Environment and Service Support Standards" and "Folk Heritage and Cultural Atmosphere Standards".

After registration, the Shibansha Village of Muzhou Town inXinhui District, Fuyue Village of Doushan Town and Nanfeng Village of Haiyan Town and Nanzhou Village of Chonglou Town in Taishan City, Zili Village of Tangkou Town and Datangmian Village of Dasha Town and Rongguifang Village of Tangkou Town and Qinglin Village of Baihe Town in Kaiping City, Laisu Village of Gonghe Town in Heshan City, and Liandong Village of Niujiang Town in Enping City, participated in the selection of "Top Ten Beautiful Villages in Guangdong".

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