The municipal national agricultural science and technology park was selected

A few days ago, the Ministry of Science and Technology identified the eighth batch of national agricultural science and technology parks and publicized them. The National Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Jiangmen was successfully selected, and the deadline for public announcement was November 30.

As an important agricultural base in China, Jiangmen is a large agricultural city with typical Lingnan agricultural characteristics and urban agricultural characteristics of the Pearl River Delta. Guangdong Jiangmen national agricultural science and technology park, relying on the construction of the Guangdong agricultural science and technology park of Jiangmen city (Kaiping country modern agriculture demonstration zone, Guangdong-Taiwan Agricultural Cooperative Experimental Zone), through the development of modern seed industry promote Jiangmen's dominant livestock, poultry and planting industries, in accordance with the "core area-transformation area-radiation area " model of development, creating a core area of 52700 mu, the transformation zone of Jiangmen region, radiative zone of west Guangdong and the pearl river delta and parts of the Lingnan, build characteristic planting, processing and transformation, management wisdom, eco-friendliness, and technological innovation are integrated into one, realizing agricultural supply-side reforms, and driving agricultural science and technology parks where farmers increase their incomes.

At present, there are 25 agricultural seed seedling enterprises in the core area, with total sales exceeding 2 billion yuan. Among them, Guangdong Xianmei Seedling Development Co., Ltd. is the first listed seed enterprise in Guangdong Province, and the breeding seed seedlings are exported to all parts of the country; Guangdong Guangsan Maintenance Pig Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest export-oriented enterprises in China to introduce foreign pig breeding seedlings and carry out intensive and large-scale breeding of pigs; Guangdong Wenshi Kaiping Branch has built the largest breeding base for meat ducks in South China... In the past three years, the core area has provided all kinds of high-quality and safe seed seedlings, planting area of more than 10 million mu, breeding more than 1 million pigs, and breeding more than 150 million poultry, driving more than 5 million farmers to increase their income. In 2017, the output value of high-tech agricultural products reached 10.2 billion yuan.

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