Walking Marathon

On the morning of November 24, the 6th Walking Marathon Competition was held in Chinese overseas city. There were 25,000 people in Pengjiang, including 5,000 in the whole marathon, 10,000 in the half marathon and 10,000 in the mini marathon.

Around 9 o'clock on the same day, the competition officially began, first starting with the whole marathon team. Three police motorcycles were driving ahead, followed by motorcycle riders and bike-sharing pilots, who controlled the speed of the whole team, followed by the competitors, who slowly stepped onto the beautiful riverside greenway. 

The route of this competition still started from Wanbujian Walking Square, passing through Huangbian Post Station and then to the Maritime Terminal, along which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Xijiang River. On the way, a rest place is set up every 2-3 kilometers to provide drinking water, medical security and so on. Among them, the Maritime Terminal is the turning point of the mini marathon, the Hengjiang sluice is the turning point of the half marathon, and the Jiangshun Bridge is the turning point of the whole marathon. In order to avoid crowding, the organizers adopted the way of different time--- starting at 9:00 with the "whole marathon" team, starting at 9:30 with the "half marathon" team and starting at 10:00 with the "mini marathon" team.

In order to increase the interesting of the competition, the Organizing Committee of the contest has also organized special costume phalanx, including the Chinese costume phalanx brought by the Municipal Chinese Culture Association, the dynamic costume phalanx brought by the Municipal Vocational and Technical College and the Southern Vocational and Technical College, etc. Along the way, there were more than 10 performance spots. Six towns and streets in Pengjiang District also set up cultural exhibition spots along the mini-stage, displaying their local characteristics and cultural charm to the participants through drums, square dances and bands.

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