Our city’s agricultural products show at the Agricultural Fair

In the Jiangmen City Comprehensive Hall of the 9th Guangdong Modern Agriculture Expo, which opened on November 8, more than 120 kinds of famous and excellent new agricultural products in the city attract merchants and citizens to come and go to inquire and taste.

As the “rice bag” and “vegetable basket” in the Pearl River Delta region, the city actively participated in the 9th Guangdong Modern Agriculture Expo. The reporter learned that a total of 33 enterprises from the province’s agricultural fairs participated in the exhibition, and more than 120 kinds of Jiangmen specialty agricultural products were unveiled, including Dendrobium Dendrobium, Citrus Tea, Moringa Tea, Taishan Rice, Amaranth Tea, and Cattle A series of well-known agricultural products, fully publicize the rural revitalization and achievements in modern agricultural development, promote agricultural products of agricultural brand and new technologies, new models, and build a platform for agricultural exchanges and cooperation.

The exhibition area is 352 square meters, and there are more than 120 kinds of characteristic agricultural products exhibited by 33 Jiang enterprises. Although the 9th Guangdong Modern Agriculture Expo has just opened, the merchants of Jiangmen Pavilion have been in an endless stream.

The comprehensive museum brings together various series of dried tangerine peel, orange tea products, Moringa tea series products, Wuyi farmer brand rice, Baorunshan stone noodles, black soil pork, Enpingjilong broiler chicken, eggs and other green organic, famous special new and other well-known agricultural products.

Agricultural products such as Xinhui Niuqiang, Heshan Black Tea, Enping Amaranth Tea, Taishan Rice, Yamen Sweet Water Radish, etc. were also displayed as the national geographical indication registration products of our city. During the exhibition, the city also set up a number of agricultural products to try the tasting experience, among which specialty products such as citrus tea, hawthorn vinegar, the sea duck eggs and bacon were popular among the masses and merchants.

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