The Sixth World Youth Conference in Jiangmen

The Sixth World Youth Conference in Jiangmen(hereinafter referred to as the "World Youth Association") will be held in Los Angeles on November 2nd. It is the first time that the World Youth Association has been held in a city outside of Asia. At present, the preparatory work is progressing in an orderly manner. As of October 9, the conference received 529 people from 30 countries and regions, and the number of participants increased compared with previous sessions.

There are many activities in the World Youth Club. In addition to the traditional opening ceremony, World Youth Forum, World Youth “Double Ten Outstanding Youths” awards, and project signing, we plan to add youth innovation and entrepreneurship sharing sessions and three matching sessions (innovation and cooperation of science and technology , investment and trade, medical and health care), signing of friendly associations, etc. According to reports, the preparatory work for these activities is currently being carried out in an orderly manner.

After ten years, the World Youth Association has set up a platform for networking, communication, and cooperation for the new generation of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen. It will help strengthen the cooperation among youths in Jiangmen from all over the world and between the youths and Jiangmen. Youth is the protagonist of the World Youth Association. The youth innovation and entrepreneurship sharing conference is one of the important activities of this conference. The political and business celebrities at home and abroad, the heads of overseas Chinese and the young elites will gather together to share the economic and technological innovation in the bay area and the opportunities for youth development .

The conference will also hold the award ceremony for the ten outstanding youths in the Sixth World Youth Congress. It is reported that the conference has received 41 referrals from 16 countries and regions, and the candidate list is now being publicized.

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