School bus safety management training

On September 21st, Jiangmen school bus safety management training held by Jiangmen education bureau and security bureau, cooperated by Jianghai education bureau and organized by Jiangmen Yuanya school, was held in Jiangmen Yuanya school. More than 360 drivers and teachers attended and learnt responsibility, security awareness and management in emergency.

Tutor of Jiangmen traffic bureau Chen Yihai emphasized that the work is in need of high safety and responsibility awareness of schools, drivers and teachers, as well as the accordance with regulations.

Vehicle engineering master from South China Technology University Zhang Fei gave a speech and elaborately explained and analyzed real cases, emergencies, different measures in different situations, efficient escape and so on.

“Fire! Everyone gets yourself out in order and at once!” The rehearsal was practiced by drivers, students and teachers, imitating the fire in a school bus. Headmaster Li Meixian said that they should raise their awareness and capabilities by this rehearsal.

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