Jiangmen leaders carried out security inspection

On the afternoon of September 20th, vice secretary of Jiangmen committee and mayor Liu Yi visited Xinhui and carried out security inspection before Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, emphasizing the great pressure during these times, as well as the significance in the implementation, supervision, distribution and the objective of people’s safety and happiness.

Liu Yi visited the crowded scenes such as schools, construction fields, dangerous chemical enterprises and bus stations and shops and inspected the production and security. In Xinhui station of Guangzhou-Zhuhai railway, Liu Yi said that it will be the first double festivals after the opening of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang railway so the responsibilities should be assigned in detail. In Qiansehua chemistry corporation, Liu Yi checked the operation of alarms and commanded that relevant departments should make a list and pay attention to it. In Xinhui Wanda square, Liu Yi commanded that firemen ought to be skillful. In Guangya middle school, Liu Yi checked the student dormitory and enquired the protection measures then reminded that the school should enhance rehearsal and establish mini-stations for safety.

Jiangmen leaders Zhou Huihong, Li Weimin, Xu Xiaoxiong, Liang Xuzan, Gao Chengmiao, Lin Feiming, Cai Dewei, Lai Yanfen, Rong Fuhua respectively carried out inspection with their teams.

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