Export in August 9.94 billion yuan

Jiangmen customs revealed that in August Jiangmen total value was 13.04 billion yuan, rising 13.2%, 0.5% higher than Guangdong average. Export was 9.94 billion, rising 11.1%, a new height in this year, 0.6% higher than average. Import was 3.1 billion, rising 20.7%, 4.5 higher than average. From January to August, Jiangmen total value was 95.04 billion yuan, rising 5.7%, 0.3% higher than average. Export was 72.9 billion, rising 2.5%, 2.9% higher than average. Import was 22.14 billion, rising 17.5%, 2.4% higher than average.

In terms of trading, in the first 8 months this year, Jiangmen general trading value was 61.36 billion yuan, rising 6.6%, accounting for 60% of Jiangmen trading value. Export was 47.89 billion, rising 1.7% while import was 13.47 billion, rising 28.3%. Meanwhile, Jiangmen processing trading value was 32.3 billion, rising 4.2%.

In terms of commodities, in the first 8 months, the 3 major commodities of Jiangmen export were textile garment, printed circuit and air conditioner, the values of which were 8.51 billion, 3.64 billion and 3.12 billion while rapidly growing ones were toys, wire and cable, and aquaproducts, the values of which were 0.28 billion, 0.33 billion and 0.24 billion, rising 72.8%, 64% and 47.6%. The 3 major commodities were paper pulp, plastics in primary shape and agricultural products, the values of which were 2.76 billion, 2.51 billion and 1.4 billion while the rapidly growing ones were dry fruits, LCD, tobacco and alcohol, the values of which were 0.21 billion, 0.44 billion and 0.49 billion, rising 1.6 times, 1.3 times and 1 times.

In addition, in terms of trading, Jiangmen value to Africa and South Korea grew in a steady speed, with values of 5.59 billion and 3.86 billion, rising 38.6% and 51.2%.

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