Jiangmen governors patrolled the East lake

Lately, chairman of Jiangmen political consultative, secretary of party group and river manager of the East lake Zhou Weiwan carried out supervision and patrol, and studied the protection and prevention with relevant departments.

Zhou weiwan and his party surveyed the water of the lake and listened to reports by the water affair bureau about supervision this year and daily situation. They found in the patrol that the water was clean without smell but people’s satisfaction. For 16 times the water was supervised and it reached the 5 types standard.

Jiangmen forestry and park bureau, water affair bureau, environment protection bureau, Pengjiang district reported the protection and prevention of the lake. Zhou Weiwan said that the East lake is the largest city park of Jiangmen urban area with a great many people coming and going, so the relevant ministries should be responsible for the water and prevent it from pollution, implement the tasks according to the project, enhance communication and cooperation, and promote to the public for joint protection.

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