Taiwan merchants investigated in Jiangmen

Recently, director of Guangdong Taiwan office Huang Gengcheng organized a delegation with Taiwan merchants investigated Jiangmen, companied by minister of united front Yi Zhongqiang, member of Jiangmen party group Rong Fuhua and principals of Jiangmen Taiwan office and business bureau.

The delegation visited high-tech comprehensive service enter, inspiring star and new city cluster, and held the forum in the government.

Yi Zhongqiang expressed warm welcome to the delegation and wished it a fruitful trip in Jiangmen which has great opportunities and potential among the cities in the Bay Area. Principals of business bureau introduced the current situation of Jiangmen development and recommended lands, infrastructure and priority policies.

Huang Gengcheng thought positive about the situation and hoped Taiwan merchants could grasp the chances. Chairman of Zhongmu group Guo Yatao said that he really appreciated the culture and kindness of Jiangmen, and expected to exploit the chances and make contribution.

The delegation also visited Xinhui district including Zhuxi comprehensive traffic pivot Jiangmen station, Daguang bay economic area sand table and tangerine peel town.

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