Lin Yingwu consoled the teachers and staff

On September 7th, secretary of Jiangmen committee and director of Jiangmen congress Lin Yingwu visited Wuyi University and Jingxian primary school, expressed sympathy to the teachers and staff, and communicated with them in a meeting, aiming at the planning of Jiangmen education development in New Era.

In the Ten-friend-tower in Wuyi University, Lin Yingwu with the representatives shook hands with the leaders and sent festival greetings. Secretary of the University Zhang Kun and teacher representatives Feng Yue, Luo Jianyi, Jia Yongtang and Ji Qiuying spoke, expressed gratitude to the government for long-time support, and introduced the development plan in next step.

As one of the 321 projects of China compulsory education, Jingxian primary school was just put into use in September. Located in a high-tech district, covering 45 mu, with 800 million yuan investment, it will provide 2400 students with education. Lin Yingwu visited the school and listened to the report by headmaster Shang Qingping and speech by teacher representatives Chen Jianxiu and Zhang Xinxing in the meeting.

“It is well-established with outstanding leaders and teachers.” Lin Yingwu sent festival greetings.

Governor Feng Li jian and Li Weimin attended.

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