A New Term

5 million Jiangmen students got up early yesterday to go to school in this new term.

The new term this year is a special one. 9 schools out of 17 that were included in the 321 project while there were 5 last year. New introduced brand private schools are built and put into use.

The reporters of Jiangmen daily visited the schools on the first day to learn about the situation as well as the children.

The new pupils were so curious that the buildings, the bulletin board, pictures in function rooms, flower walls, everything attracted them.

“Wash your hands after going to the toilet”, “raise your hand before answering”, “tell the teachers whenever you have a problem”. The teachers taught everything with patience on purpose to have the students fit in while the children listened carefully and sat up straight. The teachers said that they need a transition at the beginning so the teachers should teach them to get along with others, to take care of themselves and to develop good habits.

The parents, teachers and students should work harder!

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