Jiangmen-Hong Kong exchange

On August 31st, members of Jiangmen-Hong Kong teenager exchange association and guests, 200 people investigated and exchanged and held the 7th director inauguration. Jiangmen governors Yi Zhongqiang, Zhen Renwang, Cai Dewei and Hu Nianfang attended.

Member of Jiangmen committee and minister of united front work department Yi Zhongqiang said in the inauguration that he wished the association could further propagate the culture of Jiangmen, as well as its charm and development environment to attract more teenagers from Hong Kong and Macao for entrepreneurship, and further facilitate the collaboration between associations and teenagers, in order to make greater contributions for economic and social development.

Director of the association Liao Yongtong introduced that the association had held more than 300 events in Jiangmen and Hong Kong concerning economic trading, education, sports, technology, entrepreneurship, cultural communication and charity, building the bridge for teenagers and the window for promotion of China and Jiangmen, and making a multiple platform for collaboration.

In addition, the association founded the charity funds and youth team for Jiangmen-Hong Kong exchange, providing better opportunities for teenagers.

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