Congress of overseas Chinese family in China

The 10th Congress of overseas Chinese family in China was held from August 29th to September 1st in Beijing. 4 Jiangmen representatives attended the 10th Congress with the wishes of 2 million people and set out to Guangzhou yesterday to go to Beijing.

The 4 representatives are director of Jiangmen overseas Chinese association Lin Chunhui, director of Enping overseas Chinese association Li Xiaocong, chairman of Taishan youth association and chairman of Taishan Dali candy corporation Ye Shijie and director of Xinhui Shuangshui town association Guan Jingping.

Lin Chunhui said that Jiangmen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. The 10th congress will further improve our enterprise.

There will be 1300 representatives and 700 overseas Chinese from 110 countries all over the world, the most people in history. The tasks then will include deploying the coming 5 years, altering the regulations, electing the new leaders, awarding outstanding people and advanced ones.

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