CCTV City 1 to 1 focused on Jiangmen

Yesterday (August 26th) 17:15, CCTV4 City 1 to 1 column focused on Jiangmen. Within 40 minutes, the camera demonstrated Jiangmen history and culture including star park, bird heaven, Kaiping turret and so on.

The column is the only one solid city communication interview program in the world. Hundreds of handprints of Jiangmen stars in the park, Zili village the most representative turret, statues of 32 Chinese double academicians and natural scenes like bird heaven, all of these were caught and played.

The column presented humanist charm and natural scenes of Jiangmen in all directions. Liu Xing wrote in the journal: Too short staying in Jiangmen for 5 days! When I was reciting the essay The Bird Heaven in elementary school, I thought it too beautiful to exist in reality. It is just dreamy.

Jiangmen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese as the hometown of  4 million overseas people, distributing 107 countries and areas ranging from the USA, Canada, to west Europe and South-East Asia. It is called one Jiangmen at home and another abroad.

Jiangmen enjoys a long history of movie culture. Let the Bullets Fly popularized Kaiping turret, Taishan Gangningxu and Mei courtyard. There were about 80 movies and TV series shot in Kaiping. It is also a star city. More than 120 stars such as Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Tan Yonglin, Zhen Zidan are from Jiangmen.

The column promoted the popularity and reputation of Jiangmen.

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