Jiangmen-Taiwan teenager exchange base opened

Lately, 2018 Jiangmen international teenager indoor 5-people football carnival opening ceremony and Jiangmen-Taiwan teenager exchange base opening ceremony, as well as the first Jiangmen-Taiwan teenager indoor 5-people football invitation opening ceremony were held in Xinhui sport center.

The establishment of the base means a lot to teenagers from both sides as a bridge, indicating its new era.

Recently, Jiangmen developed in affairs with Taiwan. Trial area of Guangdong-Taiwan agricultural cooperation as well as Jiangmen-Taiwan teenager entrepreneur and innovation exemplary base Jiangmen aims of establishing attract Taiwan people who intend to develop and live in Jiangmen.

Jiangmen-Taiwan teenager indoor 5-people football invitation contest is the major exchange program confirmed by National Taiwan Office this year as well as the major part of Jiangmen teenager activities.

The foundation of the base is a significant event for teenager exchange.

Director of Taiwan office of Jiangmen committee Tan Jianwen said that the base attempts to carry forward football spirit and to build the emotional belt of them with Jiangmen culture and Guangdong football clubs, bring new opportunities for communication.

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