The first celebration of Chinese Doctor Festival

August 19th is the first Chinese Doctor Festival. Recently, the 2018 Chinese Doctor Festival celebration was held in Jiangmen performance center theater. Vice director of Guangdong health and family planning committee Chen Yiping, director of Guangdong health education center Tang Jie, vice mayor Lai Yanfen and more than 1100 Jiangmen representative doctors attended the celebration. It was on Jiangmen live App watched by over 1.1 million people.

Before that, governors of Guangdong and Jiangmen expressed care to Jiangmen famous doctors, traditional Chinese physicians, leaders of workshops, the delegates of the most beautiful family doctors and teams, and sent regards and festival wishes to them.

At the celebration, Jiangmen health and family planning units presented wonderful shows including scene performance, singing, dancing, poetry, crosstalk pieces and recitation, bringing the audience into the daily scenes of doctor. Lai Yanfen made a speech and conveyed great respect and sincere gratitude to all the doctors that made significant contributions for Jiangmen people’s health on behalf of Jiangmen administration. She gave high praise to the vital effects on Jiangmen health development by the doctors and expressed expectation for them to be the health guardians for Jiangmen people.

On the morning of August 18th, the free clinic and propaganda of the first Chinese Doctor Festival was held in Donghu park square, with the theme Emphasize and share health. Experts from Jiangmen medical organizations provided with diagnosis and consultation for people free of charge.

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