Trade value rebounded in Junly

Jiangmen customs disclosed on August 15th that Jiangmen trade value per month rebounded after three-month decrease. The trade value in July was 12.5 billion yuan, rising 9.1% from last year. Export was 9.79 billion yuan, rising 5.4% and import was 2.71 billion yuan, rising 25.3%.

As China further enlarged import bonus, Jiangmen trade value in Junly kept rising while import rose more rapidly than export. The total trade value was 82.04 billion yuan, rising 4.6% (Guangdong rising 4.3%). Export was 63 billion yuan, rising 1.3% (Guangdong falling 2%). Import was 19.04 billion yuan, rising 17.1% (Guangdong rising 14.9%)

In the seven months this year, general trade accounted for 60% of total trade value. It was 52.95 billion yuan, rising 4.9%, accounting for 64.5% of Jiangmen foreign trade value. Export was 41.47 billion yuan, same to last year. Import was 11.48 billion yuan, rising 27.8%. Jiangmen processing trade value was 27.91 billion yuan, rising 4.2%, accounting for 34%.

Textile and garment, printed circuit and air conditioner are the three major export commodities. The export value of Textile and garment was 7.36 billion yuan, rising 8.4%. That of printed circuit was 3.17 billion yuan, rising 14.8%. That of air conditioner was 2.92 billion yuan, falling 3.3%. Paper pulp, primary shape plastic and agricultural product are the three major import commodities. The import values were 2.44 billion yuan, 2.11 billion yuan and 1.14 billion yuan, rising 25.9%, 37.3%, 54.9%.

In addition, influenced by the further measures of national opening up, Jiangmen trade value to emerging national markets like Latin America, Africa and South Korea kept rapid rising, with respective trade value 5.46 billion yuan, 4.67 billion yuan and 3.34 billion yuan, rising 33.5%, 33.5% and 50.7%. Jiangmen trade with countries along the Belt and Road accelerated with 18.1 billion yuan trade value, rising 8.3%.

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