Jiangmen directly lost nearly 250 million yuan

The 16th typhoon of this year Bebinca has hovered for days around west Guangdong coasts causing constant raining. As forecasted by Jiangmen observatory it may land again between 14th midnight and 15th noon. Recurrently influenced, Jiangmen rained frequently so the people should take measures.

Since 9th, heavy rain and local excessive rain have occurred. Until 14th 14:00, the average amount of precipitation in Jiangmen was 235.2 mm and the largest one is 588.2 mm in Yamen, Xinhui. There were 7 big reservoirs and 61 small ones breaking the water level. Jiangmen has 58 towns hit, 74 thousand people affected, 5047 people transferred, 249.31 million yuan lost directly and no casualty.

Bebinca the typhoon is featured by long life, complex route, multiple landing and fierce raining. Its precursor is the tropical disturbance of northwest of the South sea. It turned into tropical depression on 8:00 August 9th and landed at the coast of Qionghai, Hainan Province on 9:00 10th. It landed again at Hailing island, Yangjiang on 10:35 11th, then upgrated to Bebinca on 14:00 12th. It had revolved around Guangdong for two rounds, a rare route history, causing repeated heavy rains.

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