Jiangmen Youth Entrepreneurship camp opened

On August 10th, 2018 Jiangmen youth entrepreneurship camp opened in TusStar where 40 youth leaders from all around the country gathered and the 7-day entrepreneurship skill training was carried out.

The activity was hosted by Jiangmen youth league and organized by TusStar and Jiangmen university entrepreneurship incubation base. There were 8 courses set up for those youths covering entrepreneurship guidance, quality promotion, resource integration, intellect support and policy service.

“This is the first stage activity this year and it will be carried out in the future.” Said relevant principal of Jiangmen youth league. The activity will be a brand program for youth entrepreneurship incubation. It will be carried out more frequently as twice a year if the youths feel good.

“Entrepreneurship rising all the way is impossible, but I wish the training can provide more possibility.” Said one of the youth leaders attending and the chief director of Huolifeiyang health life house Lin Zhijian. The activity served as a platform, and he wished he could go further with its help.

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