Jiangmen will establish multimedia repository of Maritime Silk Road

Jiangmen Maritime Silk Road multimedia repository establishment program applied by Wuyi library acquired the second approval of 2018 national digital library promotion engineering. The program is the only one approved in Guangdong in this year.

The repository will collect, organize, categorize and display relevant local literature about Jiangmen Maritime Silk Road including monograph, chorography, magazine, audio and video literature. All kinds of information will be synthesized, refined and demonstrated in specific websites in the form of knowledge units, presenting the origin, development, current situation and historical status of Jiangmen Maritime Silk Road through the Internet. Then people can learn the history and significance elaborately and swiftly.

The program deeply explores the historical-cultural connotation of Jiangmen Maritime Silk Road, presents the great accomplishment in improving the economical-cultural exchange between Jiangmen and the world (especially southeast Asia), promotes its spirit as a pioneer, and explores Jiangmen culture--dare to be the first.

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