Construct the Bay Area together

On July 31st, Minister of Hong Kong financial ministry Chen Maobo came to Jiangmen with his team to understand the role and orientation of Jiangmen in construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and to visit technology innovation enterprises and platforms. Secretary of Jiangmen committee and director of Jiangmen People’s Congress Committee Lin Yingwu met with them.

Chen Maobo and his team visited Lake Cuishan Technology Park in Kaiping and Jiangmen high-tech district, investigated Hong Kong invested enterprise Kaiping Cold Magic Air-Conditioner Corporation and intelligent cloud manufacture platform program, understanding the construction of Jiangmen technology park and the development of technology innovation enterprises.

Lin Yingwu welcomed them and made an introduction of the orientation and vantage of Jiangmen in the city agglomeration in the Bay Area. Lin Yingwu said that the construction of the Bay Area is a significant development strategy planned, deployed and promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping. As one in the Bay Area, Jiangmen committee always attaches great importance to the construction and actively schemes and promotes it.

Lin Yingwu wished that by this investigation, both sides could further communicate, be complementary, collaborate in depth and facilitate the construction together.

Chen Maobo introduced the vantages of Hong Kong in technology innovation and financial service as well as the latest measures. In his opinion, Jiangmen is rich in land resource and powerful in industry foundation. The two sides can better collaborate in technology innovation and finance, to give full play to Hong Kong’s strengths and to improve Jiangmen’s development in real economy. He hoped that there will be more powerful Jiangmen enterprises coming to Hong Kong to utilize the financial policies to have a better development. In addition, the two sides have a larger collaboration space in international market development and investment attraction.

Jiangmen governor Yi Zhongqiang investigated along.

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