Import-export volume went beyond 15 billion yuan

In the first half of this year, trade between Jiangmen and countries along the Belt and Road grew rapidly with 15.35 billion yuan import-export volume, an increase of 7.8%, 4% higher than the overall growth. There are four characteristics: general trade accounted for over 70% while processing trade fell slightly; trade with the three major partners of the Belt and Road kept rising; mechanical and electrical product export accounted for about 70%; industrial raw material and agricultural product import rose sharply.

General trade between Jiangmen and countries along the Belt and Road was 11.36 billion yuan, an increase of 13.7%, accounting for 74% of total value. Processing trade was 3.93 billion yuan, falling 3.5%, accounting for 25.6%.

Trade with Thailand was 1.63 billion yuan, rising 27%. Trade with Indonesia was 1.49 billion yuan, rising 6.4%. Trade with India was 1.32 billion yuan, rising 19.5%. Trade with Vietnam was 1.17 billion yuan and 0.94 billion yuan with Saudi Arabia. Thailand, Indonesia and India are three major trade partners along the Belt and Road with Jiangmen. The five major partners contributed 42.7% of total value of trade with countries along the Belt and Road to Jiangmen. Mechanical and electrical product export was 7.05 billion yuan, accounting for 68.3%. Labor-oriented product export was 1.71 billion yuan, rising 2.6%.

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