Broader access to public rental housing application

Lately, the Announcement about 2018 coverage of Jiangmen urban public rental housing (hereafter referred to as the Announcement) was issued jointly by Jiangmen housing and construction bureau and Jiangmen civil affairs bureau. As stipulated, income standard for Jiangmen applicant rose to 2436 yuan and that for those who is just employed without a house is 3654 yuan.

Families with income below the average and in need of housing in urban area including Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui can apply for public rental housing if the following conditions are met: the applicant as well as his or her family possess Jiangmen urban register and they are working or living in Jiangmen urban area; disposable personal income per month is below 2436 yuan; net family property per capita is below 94 thousand yuan; no housing in Jiangmen urban or the per capita floor area is below 15 square meters; not enjoying physical distribution or preferential policies including economically affordable housing.

New employees who meet the following conditions with no housing can apply for public rental housing: possessing urban register; at the age of 18 and upwards; have the capacity of civil conducts; college degree or above in 3 years; disposable personal income per month below 3654 yuan; no housing in urban area or the per capita floor area is below 15 square meters; worked in urban area for more than 3 months, bought the social insurance for more than 3 months and signed the labor contract with urban employer.

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