Jiangmen CPI in June rose 1%

Jiangmen survey group of national statistic bureau recently issued the CPI of Jiangmen in June, indicating a monthly rise of 0.5%, an yearly rise of 1% and a cumulative rise of 0.9%.

As indicated, prices of foods, cigarettes and liquor rose monthly 1.2%. Influenced by the typhoon, vegetable prices rose 4.9%, as those of fresh ones rose 5.4%. Livestock meat prices rose 2.8% and poultry meat prices rose 0.1%. Due to the increased need during Dragon boat festival, poultry meat consumption rose as duck price rose 1.6%. Aquatic product prices went on rising for 4.7%, as sea fish rose 7.7%, freshwater fish rose 7.4%, and others rose 1.9%. Prices of shrimp and crab fell 2.2% for the increased landings.

Industrial products generally rose in price. Since it is a new season, garments rose 0.4%. Influenced by raw material prices and labor cost, furniture rose 3.0%. Though it is the slack season, liquefied petroleum gas rose 4.4% because of the fluctuation of international gas price. Influenced by it, petroleum products in 2 changing days in June fell slightly, as gasoline rose 1.8% and diesel rose 1.9%.

Price of services had a mixed situation. As organized tour in June increased and the market came to the peak season, travel agencies charging rose 2.3%. Air ticket fell 4.1% for more discounts. As needs for hotel increased, accommodation rose 1.4%.

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