Cultural exchange

Morning on July 10th, the opening ceremony of Jiangmen camp of overseas Chinese teenagers back seeking roots was held in Wuyi University. 104 members from all over the world including Curacao, St. Martin, the USA and Australia, will attend a series of activities like visitation and lectures, to enhance cultural exchange.

The principal of Guangdong overseas Chinese office said in the ceremony, that China has a profound traditional culture and history, that the activities will enable them to have a better understanding of the motherland and hometown in economy, society and culture, so that they can be propagators and facilitators of cultural exchange.

The camp arranged plenty of courses such as research of Jiangmen old street, emigration culture, China museum, appreciation and practice of Chinese traditional dancing, appreciation of Chinese classical furniture and carving practice, mandarin learning, development and current situation of Wuyi emigrants, field investigation of Kaiping turrets and so on, as well as the Chinese poetry competition.

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