One day tour of science popularization

On June 23rd, more than 200 parents and children participated the one day tour of science popularization activity in which they acquired knowledge as well as pleasure and looked forward to the next one.

In Jianghai corridor ecology park, they visited one scenic spot after another with curiosity.

After visiting the park filled with natural breath, they went to Lee Kum Kee and Tiandiyihao in groups to see how modern enterprises run.

In Lee Kum Kee production base in Xinhui District, they visited the Forever entrepreneur spirit mansion to learn the spirit and history of Lee Kum Kee.

“In Lee Kum Kee, we saw modern production assembly line instead of many workers in the factory. We told our children that techniques are developing so we should always be learning to keep abreast of the world.” Said Lady Cui with her daughter. After that, they visited Tiandiyihao to learn the technology and assembly line of making apple vinegar beverage.

The activity was carried out jointly by Jiangmen science and technology bureau and Jiangmen science association, organized by Jiangmen scientific service center, Jiangmen high-tech industry promotion association and Jiangmen daily. The activity was held in order to further improve science knowledge and cultural quality of Jiangmen people, make full use of resources of popular science education bases and high-tech enterprises in Jiangmen, combine science popularization with tourism, and promote people’s  passion for technology innovation.

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