Foreign trade total value

Jiangmen Customs recently revealed that from January to May this year, total value of Jiangmen foreign trade was 57.62 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%, 3.7% higher than Guangdong. Import increased 13.47 billion yuan, rising 13.9%, and export increased 44.15 billion yuan, rising 2.3%.

According to the Customs, more than 60% in Jiangmen was general trading, as the import sharply increased. General trade was 37.67 billion yuan, rising 5.9%, 65.4% of Jiangmen foreign trade total value. Export was 29.33 billion yuan, rising 1%, and import was 8.34 billion yuan, rising 27.6%. Jiangmen  processing trade was 19.54 billion yuan, rising 4.3%, 33.9% of total.

From January to May, top 3 commodities of Jiangmen export were textile and apparel, air conditioner and printed circuit, value of which were 5.06 billion yuan, 2.45 billion yuan and 2.17 billion yuan, rising 6.1%, falling 3.8% and rising 20.3%. Top 3 commodities of Jiangmen import were paper pulp, primary shape plastic and agricultural product, value of which were 1.85 billion yuan, 1.56 billion yuan, 0.82 billion yuan, rising 41%, 40.9% and 67.1%. Major export of Jiangmen high-tech product included printed circuit, LCD television and mobile phone, value of which were 2.17 billion yuan, 1.38 billion yuan, 0.41 billion yuan, rising 20.3%, 20.8%, and falling 80.9%.

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