The air quality was good

Recently, ecological environment ministry and Guangdong environment protection bureau respectively issued the air quality of the whole nation, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Changjiang-river-delta, Pearl-river-delta, municipalities, capitals of provinces in May and from January to May this year. The air quality of Jiangmen ranked 4th out of 74 cities, and in terms of comprehensive exponential rate of change it ranked 1st in Guangdong with 42.8%.

In May, good rate of the air quality of Jiangmen reached 93.5%, as comprehensive pollution index of air quality was 2.69, with all of 6 pollutants concentration reaching the standards, falling 18.2% to 48.6% from last year. In the first 5 months this year, comprehensive pollution index of Jiangmen air quality was 4.35, ranking 14th in Guangdong, rising 4 from last year. The proportion of days of good air quality was 83.4%, rising 1.3%. Concentration index of 6 pollutants fell.

The improvement of air quality is closely related to the comprehensive management and endeavor of Jiangmen governments and departments.

Last year, Jiangmen founded Jiangmen environment committee directed by Jiangmen committee secretary Lin Yingwu and mayor Liu Yi. The government defined the double duty regulation with the 1st document, enforced department linkage towards adverse weather and punished illegal acts strictly. On the basis of these major measures, in the first 5 months, Jiangmen carried on improving pollution management, ministries of different levels carried out air pollution management for more than once, as a strong support for the blue sky above Jiangmen.

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