Rainstorms in Jiangmen

At the evening yesterday(June 12th), as rainstorms occurred in Jiangmen, inundations happened, with about 50 millimeter of rainfall per hour. The limits of Heshan Sibao reservoir and Xinhui Yushan reservoir were over for 0.09 and 0.12 meter. Pengjiang, Jianghai, Xinhui and Heshan issued orange rainstorm warning, Kaiping issued yellow rainstorm warning, and Xinhui, Taishan and Enping issued blue thunderstorm warning. At 17:30 yesterday, Jiangmen three-proofing headquarter started fourth level flood-proofing emergency response.

8:00 to 20:00 yesterday, Jiangmen had recorded big rainstorm in 6 stations, rainstorm in 60 stations, heavy rain in 59 stations and moderate rain in 100 stations. The most serious rainfall occurred in Huangzhukeng village in Taishan Chixi, 172.5 millimeter. As estimated, from today to 16th, under the influence of the monsoon, Jiangmen will still encounter frequent rainfall. As the water in soil increases, geological disasters such as debris flow and landslides happen easily.

Guangdong geological environment information website issued at 20:23 yesterday geological disaster warning. Those in northeastern Taishan and central Enping were 3 level(high) and those in large parts of Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping, Heshan, Enping were 4(medium).

Within the warning period, the areas ought to monitor major hidden troubles of geological disasters for 24 hours, pay close attention to the warnings, reinforce the patrol of the hidden troubles, especially the artificial slopes, and alert nearby residents, plants, schools and enterprises to pay attention.

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