World Oceans Day

June 8th is World Oceans Day, and the theme this year is New Era, New Oceans. According to Jiangmen Ocean and Fishery Bureau, during the Day, Jiangmen organized plenty of activities such as fry release, propaganda of white dolphins protection and beach cleaning.

Jiangmen has launched relevant activities since May 29th, releasing 27.5 million fresh water fries at Jiangbin park and Tangxia town Hengjiang area, which made great achievements.

On June 8th, around the service and protection of scientific development of Jiangmen oceans and fishery, on the programme Livelihood Hotline, officers of the Bureau gave an exhaustive introduction about the situation and works of the Bureau, including the arrangement of enforcement of the fishing ban, the specific measures of subsidy release and popularization of Taishan blue crabs.

“Next, we will carry on the activities, the propaganda of ocean policies and regulations, protection of Chinese white dolphins and beach cleaning. Welcome all of you to participate.” Said relevant principals of the Bureau.

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