Interviewing China women’s volleyball team

In the afternoon of June 3rd, China women’s volleyball team kept training in Jiangmen sport center, getting ready for the competition of 2018 international volleyball league in Jiangmen. After that, players Zhu Ting and Yuan Xinyue accepted the interview of Jiangmen daily. Chief coach Lang Ping sent regards to Jiangmen fans via Jiangmen daily and thanked for their concern and support.

In the afternoon, they arrived early and exercised hard with the constant and patient instruction by Lang Ping. The players spared no efforts in the training which came to an end until 7:00 p.m., reflecting the fine style of work of China women’s volleyball team.

“3 other teams in Jiangmen station are strong, so the competitions are a great challenge as well as a splendid opportunity to practice and learn for us.” Said Yuan Xinyue who just arrived Jiangmen yesterday during the interview.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Zhu Ting in China women’s volleyball team. I wish Jiangmen fans health and good fortune. Please cheer for China women’s volleyball team with us.” Said Zhu Ting who just finished training.

During the past 3 competitions, China women’s volleyball team has 5 victory and 4 defeat, ranking 7th on the league table. Their opponents in Jiangmen station are Brazil, the USA and Russia. At present, the USA and Brazil share the same achievement of 8 victory and 1 defeat, ranking at the top two, while Russia’s is 6 victory and 3 defeat.

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