New energy vehicle license plate

In the afternoon of May 31st, Jiangmen public security bureau and China postal service Jiangmen branch jointly held the launch ceremony of new energy license plate distribution and manufacture in front of the plant inside of vehicle administration office. At the ceremony, 4 sets of plate of the first batch in Jiangmen were distributed. The first plate of small car is Yue JD08333 and that of big car is Yue J02338D. The manner to pick the number of a new energy vehicle is identical to that of a normal vehicle. Owners can choose randomly with computer or choose by themselves online. For the new energy vehicles with normal plate, the owners can choose to change or not.

Change: 1 more number than in a normal plate

New energy vehicle includes pure electric ones and non-pure electric ones. The latter is divided into charging mixed-energy ones and fuel battery ones.

What is the difference between new energy vehicle plate and normal plate? Seeing from the color, plates of small car are green and those of big car are yellow and green. Seeing from the number, normal plates have 5 and new energy vehicle plates have 6. Seeing from English letter, D represents pure electric vehicles and F represents non-pure ones. Seeing from the position of letters, D or F of small car plate is located at the first one, and that of big car plate is located at the last one.

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