Unemployment insurance treatment standard

On May 29th, according to Jiangmen human resources and social security bureau, since May 1st, unemployment insurance standard in Guangdong increased from 80% to 90% of current minimum wage standard. At present, the minimum wage standard in Jiangmen is 1,350 yuan per month and the unemployment insurance standard is 1,080 yuan per month. After the adjustment,  unemployment insurance treatment will rise by 135 yuan each month.

In addition to the insured who buy the unemployment insurance, its application is closely related to undergraduates. Jiangmen provides provisional subsidy for undergraduates of this year in families in need that registered unemployment. After the adjustment, this subsidy standard shares the same treatment with the insured of other unemployment insurance, that is, 1,215 yuan per month with the term no more than 6 months. Those in need can sign in the online service platform of the bureau to apply, or dial 0750-3506896 to consult.

Jiangmen provides with provisional subsidy and encourages undergraduates to work or start a business. In terms of employment, undergraduates of this year who go to enterprises of medium, small or micro scale, can acquire 2,000 employment subsidy at once if they meet the conditions. Those who are employed in basic level positions or who participate the probation activities arranged by the units authorized by the bureau, have relevant subsidies. Small and micro enterprises that absorb undergraduates can also acquire certain social insurance subsidy.

In terms of entrepreneur, within 5 years of graduation, undergraduates who start a business and operate regularly for more than 6 months, can acquire 5,000 yuan of entrepreneur fund at once. Those renting premises can acquire 6,000 yuan of renting subsidy a year at most, for 3 years at most.

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