World volleyball league

Yesterday(May 22nd) afternoon, Infinitus 2018 world volleyball league(Guangdong-Jiangmen) press conference was held in Jiangmen. The league will be held from June 5th to 24th in Jiangmen sport center. As the last station in China of the league, it is highly expected. China, Canada, Japan and Serbia are in men’s volleyball, as women’s volleyball has the top teams including China(top 1 in the world), USA(top 2), Brazil(top 4 as well as the champion last time) and Russia(top 5). The team led by Lang Ping is one of the highlights of this time.

Party secretary of national sport bureau volleyball management center Gu Guoping, deputy inspector of Guangdong sport bureau Wang Weidong, vice director of Guangdong volleyball association and director of Guangdong basketball and volleyball management center Zeng Jixi, member of Jiangmen committee and minister of Propaganda bureau Zhou Huihong attended the press conference and answered questions.

This competition is the largest sport event held in Jiangmen ever. Wang Weidong said that the world volleyball league is an international major competition introduced in Jiangmen, which is going to be a sign of the city. Guangdong sport bureau will provide Jiangmen with full support for it, to serve the teams and the fans and to make it successful.

At present, deployments and preparations are generally implemented.

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