Agreement of investment collaboration inclination

In the morning of May 15th, Jiangmen government jointly held the signing ceremony of agreement of investment collaboration inclination with CRCC. They carried out collaborations in terms of infrastructure, urban comprehensive development construction and major project construction, promoting win-win development.

As the flagship of infrastructure construction central enterprises, CRCC has its business in 116 countries all over the world, ranking 58 in the World’s top 500 enterprises in 2017. On 14th, secretary of Jiangmen committee Lin Yingwu met with representatives of CRCC, pointing out that Jiangmen is the critical spot linking both sides in the Bay area with tremendous potential, while CRCC is one of the largest and strongest comprehensive construction group in China as well as the world, so with such a broad collaboration perspective, both ought to carried out deep collaboration with respective resources, making a win-win situation.

In accordance with the agreement, CRCC will actively participate in investment, financing and construction of various fields in Jiangmen, involving joint establishment of urban investment construction corporation, founding of urban development funds, construction of overseas talent training base in Jiangmen talent island, support for Jiangmen railway planning and construction, and so on.

Jiangmen leaders Xu Xiaoxiong and Lin Feiming attended the ceremony.

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