CPI rose 0.4%

May 10th, National statistics bureau Jiangmen investigation group announced the CPI(Consumer Price Index) of Jiangmen in July, indicating it rose 0.4%.

As the statistics indicate, the price of foods, tobacco and liquor in Jiangmen fell 1.9% from March. The weather in April was pleasant so that vegetables grew well and supply was abundant. In April, price of vegetable fell 8.9%. Fresh vegetables fell 9.5%. Meanwhile, price of pork fell 6.8%, beef 0.2%, mutton 2.4%, all influenced by the decrease of need. In addition, price of byproduct of meat fell 6.8%, other products 1.8%, aquatic products 2.1% and eggs 4.7%.

Price of industrial products rose 0.1%. Price of clothes rose 0.4% for the changing season. Price of gasoline rose 2.7%, diesel 2.8%. Influenced by the increase of price of raw material, fee of transportation and labor cost, price of furniture rose 0.2%. Price of traditional Chinese medicine rose 0.8% for the purchase price adjustment.

In terms of services, prices of tourism and accommodation rose a lot. Charge of travel agencies rose 1.4%, influenced by which price of travelling rose 1.3% and accommodation rose 2.8%. Additionally, price of transportation in April was rather moderate, falling 0.3%. Air tickets fell 0.2% and coach tickets fell 1.2%.

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