First aid knowledge into the communities

Yesterday, Jiangmen maternal and children health care hospital(Jiangmen red cross hospital) jointly held the World red cross memorial event with Huanshi street sanitary and family planning bureau in Yude community square, popularizing first aid knowledge.

Checking patients’ consciousness, touching carotid artery, chest compression, cleaning foreign body in respiratory tract, opening airway, artificial breathing......Doctor of anesthesiology in Jiangmen maternal and children health care hospital Gao Jinwen demonstrated first aid operation with the dummy while lecturing key points in CPR to the people. After that, they were eager to try though it was not easy as it seemed. “The very position of chest compression ought to be the midpoint between to nipples(1/3 down the breastbone). Place your left hand on the patient’s chest, overlap both hands, with five fingers of the left hand lifted and arms straight, and push with strength for 30 times. The frequency is from 100 to 120 times” Gao Jinwen explained patiently while correcting them.

Director of health education department in the hospital Liao Xin said that May 8th is the World red cross day, the theme of which this year is Humanity for your smile. In order to develop the red cross spirit: humanity, philanthropism and dedication, the hospital specially held this first aid experience, with the intention of citizens to master first aid skills in the golden 4 minutes by practices. In the future, they will do their best to develop the activities, creating an atmosphere of learning and mastering first aid skills in the entire society and saving more lives.

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