Major project investment

There are 391 major construction projects in Jiangmen this year, with 525.78 billion yuan of total investment and 61.8 billion yuan of annual planned investment. From January to March, 17.53 billion yuan cumulated investment was finished, accounting for 28.4% of annual plan, and there were 80 projects launching construction. Industrial projects finished investment 6.907 billion yuan, urban constructional projects 6.203 billion yuan, transport projects 4.425 billion yuan, respectively accounting for 29.1%, 28.8% and 26.7%.

Jiangmen did a splendid job in major project construction in the first season. Chongqing Loncin automobile corporation will establish south China base in Jiangmen, fueling Jiangmen traditional motorbike industry. It established the base in A area of Heshan industry park, with total investment 1.1 billion yuan and 0.194 billion yuan of 2018 planned investment. For now it is going smoothly, piling with 40% completion. In addition, it has finished investment from January to April of 650 million yuan.

Another outstanding project is the laser intelligent equipment project: Hymson laser intelligent equipment corporation(Jiangmen). It is located in Binjiang new city industry park in Pengjian district, covering 100 mu. Hymson laser plans 0.7 billion yuan of total investment, 1 million square meters of construction, including production plant, technique research center and life supporting area. The project has 0.1 billion yuan investment in 2018, and has finished 680 million yuan investment from January to April, 68% of annual investment plan. At present, the project is carrying out exploration and implementation. Annual production value is estimated to reach 1 billion yuan, with more than 600 million yuan of tax.

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