Urban effluent treatment plant

This year Jiangmen will build 39 urban effluent treatment plants, 183 km effluent network and 918 rural effluent treatment facilitations, which was learnt from Jiangmen water affair bureau recently.

Three districts and four cities have received the building tasks of this year, many of which were assigned to Taishan and Kaiping. Kaiping’s tasks involve 9 effluent treatment plants including Xinmei effluent treatment plant and its supporting network and Xiangang town, as well as 350 rural effluent treatment facilitation construction. Taishan’s tasks involve Taicheng second effluent treatment plant, construction of Taicheng effluent interception network third period project(Henghu river, Taicheng river north shore) and fourth period project, 12 effluent treatment plants including Sijiu town and 196 rural effluent treatment facilitation construction.

Apart from new projects, modification of 25 urban effluent treatment plants is in Jiangmen’s plan of this year, with more than 95% urban effluent treatment, so are the regulation of 6 black and stench waters, the launching of construction of 8000 stations in the second rural effluent treatment facilitation and the compilation of feasibility report. The modification will be conducted mainly in Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping and Heshan. According to the requirements proposed in the recent Guangdong urban effluent treatment modification conference, it is in the charge of national environment inspection program, so the unfinished ones will be responsible.

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